OE-MRI methods show short-term and long-term treatment effects in COPD and asthma

19 Sep 2013

Bioxydyn's OE-MRI methods have been shown to be sensitive to treatment effects in both COPD and asthma. Dr Alex Morgan, Imaging Physicist at Bioxydyn, presented the COPD results at the ERS meeting in Barcelona in early September. She demonstrated that OE-MRI is sensitive to the short-term effects of a bronchodilator and the long-term effects of an anti-inflammatory/long-acting β2 agonist combination in COPD patients, as the result of a randomised controlled multicentre imaging study. 

At the same meeting, Dr Weijuan Zhang, a researcher at the University of Manchester in the UK, demonstrated that OE-MRI is sensitive to the effects of a bronchodilator in asthma, and that these effects can be monitored in the first 15-30 minutes after bronchodilator administration.

These two studies represent significant steps forward in the use of oxygen-enhanced MRI in the understanding of lung disease. They are the first studies to show that these methods are sensitive to treatment effects and demonstrate that OE-MRI can be repeated over short and long-term intervals. They also show that OE-MRI is a well-tolerated imaging tool that can be easily applied in multi-centre trials.

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