Imaging Services

Imaging biomarkers provide valuable non-invasive and repeatable information on the effect of interventions. Successful execution of advanced imaging for clinical trials is therefore a powerful addition to many trials. However, quantitative imaging can be complex and success relies on the best imaging support from the outset of a new trial.

Bioxydyn is a leading-edge imaging services provider with a focus on MRI. We specialise in high value imaging readouts for clinical trials, implemented in global multi-site studies, involving multiple MRI scanner vendors and field strengths. 

By using a combination of well known approaches and our unique technologies we help clients understand and quantify the effects of drugs at different stages in drug development. We deliver robust imaging biomarker findings by providing support from initial protocol design to data analysis. We deliver established imaging methods in a range of disease areas and also provide expert and responsive methodological development support for imaging when required.

Imaging protocol & charter

Any trial will have unique requirements. We understand how individual complexities can impact each trial at different stages. We work with our clients to optimise the imaging protocol and develop the imaging charter.

On-site & remote training

When an avoidable glitch can have a big impact on the value of a trial, our clients need to know that they are in safe hands. We travel around the world to train radiologists and technicians. We calibrate MRI machines, and educate technologists how to do this on a regular basis. We also deliver remote support to ensure continued good practice.

Quality management

Expert analysts using quantitative analysis tools can see when something is not right with an image of a patient or phantom. We liaise with radiologists and technicians either on-site or remotely to understand the factors causing fluctuations, and work with them to quickly remedy issues to ensure high quality images and a high value output from each trial.

Quantitative imaging biomarkers

Using specialist imaging physics and in-house software development teams, we deliver unrivalled imaging data and analysis. Our clients are able to maximise information from small patient groups due to our focus on optimisation of advanced imaging methods.

Bioxydyn Imaging Services