Making a difference

We develop quantitative, non-ionising, non-invasive MRI processes and apply these within our production environment to provide provide unique imaging services for improved clinical trials and patient management.

At Bioxydyn we help make the process of drug development more efficient by providing imaging biomarkers to identify the impact of drugs on disease. We work closely with the pharmaceutical industry and leading academic centres to maximise the information content available from these techniques in clinical trials. We work globally with clinical and preclinical imaging centres to provide the most valuable imaging information.

Our high levels of expertise enable the responsive development of imaging biomarkers specific to the needs of individual studies. We frequently work with clients to develop new methods that open up new possibilities for disease monitoring.

Key example Bioxydyn technolgies


Bioxydyn is the world leader in providing oxygen-enhanced MRI (OE-MRI). OE-MRI is a non-invasive and non-ionising imaging method that provides information on lung disease status and tissue oxygenation.

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With 20 years of hand-on experience and numerous publications our team has unparalleled expertise in the development and use of DCE-MRI. We have defined many of the standard approaches to the technique’s implementation in clinical trials.

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Diffusion MRI

Diffusion MRI probes the microscopic structure of healthy and pathological tissues. It is most commonly applied in the brain and is increasingly used in oncology. It also allows extraction of anatomical connection information - or the wiring pattern - of the brain.

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Bioxydyn's VoxelFlow imaging platform provides access to advanced MRI biomarkers for clinical trials.